Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Introducing HomeNet DC Forum.

Hello friends, only one day has been passed after making this website and it got more than 200 hits in just one day. Thanks for your great response. We here will make all possible things which will make your experience better. So we are back with one powerful feature in this website that is a Forum.

Yes you heard it right, our own forum where you people can post anything to everything. Your Problems, any new uploads, any type of trick you know about DC anything it can be. Just post it here and share with other hubbers.

So you must be thinking "Iska fayda kya hai?" therefore I have made two examples below which we can so through forums.

Forums are good to share thoughts and views with other peoples. Forum gives a freedom to every one.
Lets say suppose you want Old songs collection which is rare today. But you want it. So you search in the DC and you end up with no results. After that you put your questions in public chat, if anyone online then you're lucky if not than you close Dc and start your other work.
Now Forum is visible to all. It is not like public chat of DC where previous messages are not shown. You just put your question in forum whether anybody has old songs collections and sit back. Regularly check forum to get answer. Your question is visible to all so anyone who has it will reply you and you can take that files from that person. Isn't it easy?
Also you can post you problems which is visible to all and who knows the solution he can give you answer.

Well that is quite easy right. Now the big question is how to post?

I will show you how to post on our forum.

  • First of all CLICK HERE or Click the Forum Menu in Tabs.

  • After that Click on "New Topic" to post a new message.

  • To reply to any post just Click on that Topic and hit Reply.
Just three steps and you are done. If you want to register than well and good. It just requires your email ID thats it. And if you don't want to register, simply you can post message using your name. Simple? So why are you waiting for? Just go there and post what you want.
Any questions? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. ÇrashÖverride17 April 2013 at 10:40

    I suggest you implement mandatory forum registrations, because if you give open access to everybody soon the forum will turn into spammers den.

    Other than that good work :)

    1. I think you are right but many people will not register and will not take interest in forum if registration is mandatory.

  2. And yes there will be strict action against spammers. I request everyone that please don't spam, don't use abusive language and do not threat anyone. Make it a good place to visit. Sharing is caring.

  3. please guide me with procedure to use homenet hub on mobile as well as pc