Thursday, 25 April 2013

Introducing HomeNetDC Android App.

We are back with one another feature of this website. Our main goal is to make this site as much as user friendly where everyone can connect. Today I am going to introduce one Android application of this website called "HomeNetDC". Using this application you can connect to this website whenever and wherever you want. You can see latest post and latest happenings in forum on the go. Just install it and sit back. Whenever the site updates with new post, you will get notification and you can read it from your mobile.

Now you cannot miss a single post or uploads. Just stay updated!


Here are some features of the app and help to access the app.

  1. All Stars: Here you can see all your favorite post which you starred.
  2. All Podcast: Here you can get all posdcasts.
  3. New Post: In this section you can get all updates of this site. If any new post arrives, this will update automatically. Just Click and read.
  4. Facebook Group: This section is for our Facebook group. You can see all the new post and comment om post. Just login and post your queries. And don't worry, the connection will be secured.
  5. Forum News: Here, you can find all forum messages and replies. Now you cannot miss any special uploads.
  6. DC Website: Just click here and get DC website in mobile view.
  7. Google News: If you love Android this one is for you. Get latest news from official android website.
  8. Downloads: It will list your downloads of the app.
  9. Sync Now: This is another word for refresh. Just Tap and update the app.
  10. Switch Theme: There is two theme for the app. Black and White. Keep what you want. Black is default theme.
  11. Settings: Just tap to make settings like theme, time of  refresh etc.
  1. Android 2.2 or higher.
  2. Unlimited Internet Pack in mobile.
  3. Works best in WIFI.
  4. Works best in Large screen mobiles.
  5. Works in Tabs also.
So what are you waiting for? If you own an Android phone then Download this from Playstore!


Siddhesh Narvekar, a hubmate has added it on Play Store. Check it and download.

Get it on Google Play

Any problem downloading from Play Store? Download the apk file FROM HERE and install manually.

Download and install. It will take some minutes after installation to get all articles. If possible, keep it in wifi for first time after installation to download all articles. After successful installation you can also read it offline.

Notification Tray while installing.


Have any problem? Just leave a comment here.
Peace Pals.


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