Saturday, 29 June 2013

[How To] Install Windows 8.1 Preview without MS account

As we all know, well at least most of us techies know that Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Pro Preview  ISO for general public. Please note that this release should only be installed on a virtual machine or if you're a advanced user you can install it on your real machine (Make sure you backup your important files before installing it though). Installation of Windows 8.1 Preview needs a Microsoft account and an active internet connection at the very beginning of the setup or it won't allow you to install it. Well there is a workaround for this which I found while browsing through youtube videos, this workaround allows you to create a local account just like we did on windows 8.

Suggestion: Please do not upgrade your existing windows 8 with 8.1. It has now been known that upgrade screws up windows 8.1 with apps and OS crashing randomly. To be on a safer side download and burn ISO from the net or from our hub and do a clean install.

Option 1

Option 2

Windows 8.1 Preview release is free to use version and is valid till Jan 2014. Give it a spin if you want to see the latest features added to Windows 8.1 or you can wait until Microsoft releases a more stable version.


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