Thursday, 20 June 2013

Started WeChat Group! Wanna Connect?

Another Group has been created by our DC user ToRr3nTerS®™_Admin. WeChat is gaining popularity in messaging app market. With its new feature "voice chat", it is downloaded by many people. Atleast many people tried it once. So if you are a active WeChat user than this one is for you.

Like WhatsApp Group, this group also help you to connect your DC friends who use WeChat. And you have more to express with Voice Chat facility of WeChat.

So if you want to get into the group, take out your mobile and scan the below QR code to be in group yourself.

Got any problem???? No problem,just download the QR code by Right Clicking on this photo and scan manually.

Still have any problem then you can contact ToRr3nTerS®™_Admin by message and ask him questions.

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